In a very special episode, and in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility, Candice sits down with her dear friend, Rachel Kaufman. Rachel speaks about how the pandemic impacted her work as a massage therapist and reflects on what it’s like to live as a trans woman during this time of unprecedented political backlash. She generously shares about why she decided to come out as a trans woman, and the many challenges she has faced along the way. She tells us how therapy and a strong support network carried her through her journey of transitioning and speaks to why, as a binary trans woman, she personally yearns to be received plain and simply as a woman, without all the awkwardness and adjectives. Candice digs into why it is we so often inaccurately conflate cognitive dissonance with safety concerns, and the two discuss healthy alternatives to transphobic projections. They explore how misogyny and internalized homophobia so often lead to violence and pathological enforcement of gender norms, and how legislation (even the bills that fail to pass) are actively endangering LGBTQ+ individuals as we speak. Rachel shares tangible examples of how cis gender folks often do harm by treating trans people differently, and she offers some practical tips for self-awareness in an effort to help cis folks up-level their support – from hollow promises of allyship toward meaningful action.

Rachel Kaufman is a neurodivergent transgender woman. She was born and raised in the metro area of Portland, OR and currently resides there with her two sweet puppies and bajillion plant babies. As a queer, polyamorous, sex positive and staunchly feminist person, she holds little space for ideals that seek to dehumanize, alienate, invalidate or otherwise harm the people of her community and beyond.

She has been a practicing massage therapist since 2011 and owns Thrive Therapeutic Massage in Oregon City, OR. She is passionate about providing a safe, accepting, healing space for all people, all identities, and all bodies.



Insta: @thrivetherapeuticmassage and @rache_againstthemachine



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The stories and opinions shared in this episode are based on personal experience and are not intended to malign any individual, group, or organization.

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