Love is like gravity; it helps us to keep our feet on our ground as we navigate the topsy turviness of the human condition. Even so, sometimes the ways in which we ‘do love’ inadvertently sabotage wholehearted connection. In Part 2 of the Sovereignty series, Candice invites you to walk with her along the tightrope between love and limits. Patterns of codependency are explored and we gain insight from the work of Joan Halifax, who encourages us to move through the world with a strong back & soft front. Candice shares more intimate personal stories and a game-changing quote from her favorite Game of Thrones character. 

This episode delivers some counterintuitive realizations. The more we self-center, the less selfish we become. The more we express our limits, the greater our capacity for loving connection.

0:47 – Quicksand (story)
4:11 – Love & Limits
11:26 – More on boundaries
14:45 – San Fran Shell Shock (story)
24:14 – Strong back, soft front
26:05 – Arya Stark
27:59 – The Pushback & the Pendulum
30:37 – Snot-Soaked Tissue (story)
37:09 – Forest as a whole

Referenced in this episode:

  • Forests Are Wired For Wisdom, Suzanne Simard – OnBeing Podcast

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The stories and opinions shared in this episode are based on personal experience and are not intended to malign any individual, group, or organization.

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