Integrity is so much more than ‘walking your talk’ in active demonstration of your values. It is integration with ALL that life has to offer. In this episode, we explore integrity as an internal compass and pluralistic embodiment of connection. When we are willing to step outside of our personal identities, we mature emotionally and grow into trans-rational understanding – a worldview that is connective and universally accepting.

Candice shares more personal stories, sharing about some times in her life when stepping into integrity meant risking security and belonging in favor of the gravitas within. This episode will help you reconnect with grittiness, grace, and your very own center of gravity. Explore how to better navigate dissonance and find the answer to the question: Is this a growth edge or a story I can no longer fit inside? Change is humbling and shedding identities can feel wildly unsettling, especially when you choose to express wholeness rather than play a part in a divisive norm. In the end, there is no greater service to the whole of life than an integral way of being. Integrity is an active acceptance that enables you to love (and live) more freely. 

0:48 – Legless (story)
5:18 – A star is born
10:43 – Integrity vs. identity
16:38 – Campus Payphone (story)
24:00 – Integral theory
32:15 – 2 types of dissonance
33:53 – Let It Stand (story)
35:44 – The empty husk
37:18 – Tragic optimism

Referenced in this episode:

  • We Can Do Hard Things Podcast, Glennon Doyle
  • Integral Theory, Ken Wilber
  • James Hollis, various sources
  • Article: The Opposite of Toxic Positivity, by Scott Barry Kaufman

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The stories and opinions shared in this episode are based on personal experience and are not intended to malign any individual, group, or organization.

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