We are shifting gears in 2022, and Candice is inviting you into her inner circle. In Episode 18, she introduces you to her closest friend and confidant, Sylvia Bueno, for a two-part series where they dive into the joys & pains of friendship, transparency, and wholehearted connection. In Part 1, Sylvia makes room as Candice unpacks an honest & ass-kicking ah-hah that inspired her to re-imagine the format of the TDP podcast moving forward.

Sylvia recaps the courageous feedback she offered Candice about her experience as a friend and listener, and the two talk about how it landed in light of Candice's struggle with Imposter Syndrome. Candice details how she was able to complete the project (and minimize vulnerability) while recording the first seventeen episodes, and she offers a peek into what she calls 'high talk’ and her theory into how&why so many personal growth purveyors so often use it to armor up and guard against emotional exposure. Together, they explore the cost of high talk when it comes to preserving authenticity and forging deep connection. 

If you share Candice's pesky habit of filtering out the grittier parts of your humanity (aka: if you're used to putting on a 'good' face), this episode just might speak directly to your heart.

6:08 — Why of the new format?
8:40 — “That’s not you.”
16:25 — Minimizing risk, at what cost?
19:48 — How Sy & I met
23:44 — What is ‘High-Talk’?
28:09 — Self-doubt & Fitting in
33:02 — Invitation for reflection
35:41 — Teaser: Part 2 with Sylvia

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The stories and opinions shared in this episode are based on personal experience and are not intended to malign any individual, group, or organization.

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