This week’s guest is another long-time friend and business founder, Christy Goldsby. Candice & Christy were in a marketing group together back in 2013 when Christy first launched Honey Mama's to-die-for, artisan-made truffle bars. Since then, the Honey Mama's brand has become a staple at health food stores all across the country. Christy shares how close friendship and a shared desire for better health inspired her to develop this genius superfood sweet treat, and how it all started with a monthly booth at the local farmer’s market. Ten years later, she leads 67 employees and the company has taken on a life of its own. She shares what it's like to found – and lead – a self-inspired business that has become a source of expression and livelihood for so many others. Candice talks about why sovereignty is so critical when it comes to inspiring a creative work environment, and together they hash out how authenticity inspires personal agency. Christy shares how her meditation practice is making her a better leader and that learning how to let-go has become a daily practice. Together they explore conscious entrepreneurship and how a more ‘feminine’ (aka holistic & integrative) approach to business has the ability to up-level innovation and usher in new social paradigms.

Christy Goldsby is the founder of Honey Mama’s, makers of the one-of-a-kind refrigerated cocoa truffle bars changing the status quo for indulgence. A lifelong believer in food as a source of physical and mental wellbeing, Christy founded Honey Mama’s in 2013 as a mission-driven company dedicated to sharing delicious and nourishing treats that also inspire wellbeing and vitality. From her early beginnings at the Portland Farmers Market, Christy has grown Honey Mama’s to a beloved, category-defying line of bars available at more than 3,000 retail locations nationwide and online at

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