Ep.78 – P.S. Paper Tigers, Embodied Activism, Spiritual Gaslighting, & A Whistleblower ‘Reality’ Check | Special Guests

Welcome to another Patreon Sampler. Over a dozen conversations have dropped while Candice has been on break from the main feed (that’s here), and there are currently 60+ ‘cult’ure series related bonus episodes now streaming over on Patreon. Episode #78 features some of the best moments from recent releases. 

Listen to excerpts from recent discussions:

On activism, diet ‘cult’ure, & self-care >>

  • Aimee Van Ausdall shares about her very-public exit from ‘the Org’, how she’s been standing up to bullies her whole life, and a tough-love reality check for those still straddling. Also, her plus-sized perspective on recent diet ‘cult’ure convos. (From DD#57 – Leaving Loudly: Bullies, Paper Tigers, & A Size Stigma Reality Check – total run time: 53min over on Patreon)
  • Dr. Melissa Durfey joins Candice to share about firsthand experience with medical fat-phobia, how intuitive wellness saved her life, and why self-care is so important. (From DD#53 – Surviving Anti-Fat Bias & Discovering Intuitive Wellness – total run time: 60min on Patreon)
  • Sara Avery speaks candidly about growing up fat, her commitment to volunteer activism, and what ‘allyship’ really means to her. (From DD#56 – What My Body Is For: Self-Acceptance & Embodied Activism – total run time: 66m on Patreon)

On what it takes to call out legacies of abuse >>

  • Noa Kadman shares how she spent years devoted to a yoga-inspired dance modality that was created by two former ‘Org’ trainers; only to suffer moral injury and betrayal. (From DD#55 – ‘Spiritual’ Self-Sacrifice: A Cautionary Tale & Cult-Hopping Heads Up! – total run time: 1hr, 47m on Patreon)
  • Whistleblower Update – Candice shares about recent pushback to this here pod, how Naomi Klein’s book Doppelganger: A Trip into the Mirror World is helping her to understand the polarizing times we’re living in, and where the ‘cult’ure series is headed next. (From STC 3/14/24 – The Bully Pulpit: A Whistleblower Reality Check & Naomi Klein’s ‘The Mirror World’ – total run time: 38m on Patreon)

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