Ep.80 – Bully Backlash & Tinderbox Truths: Speaking Up When It Matters Most | Solo Episode

Welcome to a brand new chapter in the ‘cult’ure series. We’ll be moving away from the wellness world and onto broader culture war topics in the coming weeks. To kick things off, Candice is showing up solo.

Opening with an anecdote about an awkward interpersonal interaction from a few weeks ago, she then continues in the vein of storytelling, pulling from the pages of her unpublished memoir. Through a series of intimate flashbacks, she examines how an overbearing family system may have shaped her people-pleasing persona early-on in life and what it taught her about the social costs of speaking up.

The episode then circles back to an early theme in the ‘cult’ure series convo – don’t poke the bear – riffing on how (because patriarchy) social systems reward bullying behavior and, at times, confuse everyday allies with villains. She touches upon some hot-button topics; all the while speaking about why doing so feels so damned edgy – especially in the digital age.

Also, meet some of the folks that she’s been watching closely in order to learn more about real-deal everyday activism, and why she’s become a little obsessed with refreshing responses to trolls and haters. Learn what Candice considers ‘bully backlash bingo’ as well as what her ongoing fascination with whistleblowers has been teaching her. Then (sorry-not-sorry) things get political as she paves the way for where the ‘cult’ure series is headed next. 

May 1, 2024

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