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This week’s preview is Deconstructing Dogma w/ Susan McCulley. Former Org instructor Susan McCulley joins Tracy & Candice for a deconstruction of cult fitness norms. The conversation centers around a singular question: How can we do movement and fitness differently? Excerpts from DD #19 & #20.

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Susan McCulley is a mindful movement leader, artist, and writer. She trained with 'the Org' from 2000-2006 and 'after being on the fence for dozen years' she chose to separate officially in 2020. She is the creator of The Age of Becoming: Embodied Practices Empowering Women over 50 community which offers free movement practices & workshops, connection & community and more. Her 30-Lesson audio course, Building Balance in Your Body & Life was published on the Insight Timer meditation app in early 2022. Trained in a variety of mindful movement practices, she particularly loves guiding embodied awareness with people of all abilities and experiences, in groups of all sizes, both in person and on-line. She is passionate about supporting people as they connect with the inherent wisdom of the body and take their practice into life. Her teaching schedule, classes, books and art are available at

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The stories and opinions shared in this episode are based on personal experience and are not intended to malign any individual, group, or organization.

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