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This week’s Patreon Preview features excerpts from DD #50 with Stacy Parish. Stacy was on the main feed back in March 2023, and she's back to share about how complex trauma shaped her culty experiences – as well as her ability to recognize the warning signs before wading in too deep.

Content Warning >> This episode includes reference to sexual trauma, familial gaslighting, and emotional abuse.

In the full-length episode over on Patreon:

  • Stacy shares how she got involved with the Org & why she chose to step away after completing her second level of training.
  • She reveals what it was like stepping into the practice as a sexual trauma survivor; how the practice felt like a godsend that gifted her "a birthright that I'd been robbed of."
  • She opens up about how, even as a teacher on 'the fringe' she experienced red flags; sharing examples.

And then, she bravely shares about her family of origin & how it may have shaped her susceptibility to gaslighting and undue influence:

  • You'll learn about the since-disbanded False Memory Syndrome Foundation, their VERY troubling history (read more about it here), and the gaslighting that Stacy endured as a result of a systemic campaign to silence victims of childhood sexual abuse.
  • Stacy tells us what it was like being gaslit by her parents & how/why psychological survival meant normalizing the tension of two painfully opposing truths.
  • She reveals how her original wounds may have inspired her to incessantly seek out surrogate family & a sense of safety and belonging. And we discuss how common this yearning can be.

And finally, Stacy shares:

  • How art and storytelling has helped her to liberate her voice.
  • What it's been like for her to step into the spotlight & live her truth out loud.

Stacy Parish has a BS degree in art education from Minnesota State University, Mankato and spent 11 years in broadcasting — as a professional disc jockey, voice talent and copywriter. She has been professionally involved in education and communication for almost  years.  A born storyteller, her popular podcast “Full Spirals” brings together two of her passions: using her voice as a vehicle for change and promoting the arts as tools for healing. A working local artist, she is also employed in the paint and sip industry as an artist, and her original paintings have been taught to tens of thousands of people nationwide. | @boomstacy

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The stories and opinions shared in this episode are based on personal experience and are not intended to malign any individual, group, or organization.

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