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CW: This episode makes detailed reference to verbal abuse + sexual abuse allegations made againstTony Robbins and his staff.

This week’s Patreon Preview features excerpts from bonus episodes DD #26 & #27 where 'Org' instructor, Lucy Page joins Candice & Tracy to deconstruct culty patterns around accountability. In this preview, Lucy shares about events surrounding a moment back in March when the Org COO posted a photo on Facebook of her & the Org founder sitting in the business offices attending a virtual Tony Robbins training. After fielding concerns from multiple students, Lucy reached out to the COO – who is also her former mentor – on a personal thread with a heads up and a professional request. Listen in to hear how it all played out from Lucy's point of view.

You can access the full convo (DD #26 & 27) at In the complete two-part conversation we discuss:

  • Lucy's history with the Org & its new leadership.
  • How the incident above, in many ways, led Lucy to discover this podcast. 
  • What it's been like listening & finding parallels within her own community.
  • The culty commonalities between 'the Org' and the Tony Robbins training environment.
  • LAGTs (large group awareness trainings) & specifically why the whole breakdown-to-breakthrough training model is so damn problematic.
  • What Lucy's former marriage taught her about narcissistic abuse.
  • Plus, is change really on the horizon when it comes to the next generation of Org leadership? Lucy weighs in.

Referenced in this episode:

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The stories and opinions shared in this episode are based on personal experience and are not intended to malign any individual, group, or organization.

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