Ep.81 – Trojan Horse: The NAR Movement, Christian Nationalism, & The Cult of Trump | Nikki G – Part 1

American democracy is hanging on by a thread. But how did we get here? Today’s episode offers an insider’s peek into Christian nationalism. You may remember Nikki G from Ep.77; she was on the pod back in January, sharing about her work as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach who specializes in spiritual and religious abuse. In early March, Candice invited her to sit down again for this two-part conversation. Nikki is a former devotee in the evangelical movement whose passion at the time was “governmental intercession.” In Part 1 of this dialogue, she peels back the curtain on the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Movement and how its decades-long perversion of Christianity has infiltrated US politics. Nikki lays out the bones of the movement’s history and gives us a feel for what it’s like inside NAR’s apostolic hubs, all working in coordination toward the same end-game. She walks us through Lance Wallnau’s 7 Mountain Mandate, a strategic plan to impose religious order on the masses and shamelessly colonize every aspect of American culture. Nikki tells us what it was like, watching evangelical leaders embrace Trump prior to the first election; then she and Candice discuss why he’s actually the ideal point man for the movement. This episode lays a critical foundation for the Heritage Foundation’s far-right playbook (Project 2025) and where this conversation will be headed next week, in Part 2.

Nikki G. is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach  who helps survivors recover and thrive after Religious Trauma & Cult involvement. She is also survivor of multiple narcissistic relationships, religious trauma, and several cultic communities. Nikki is the CEO of Nikki G Speaks LLC, which provides survivors with individual coaching, online community, and psychoeducation related to religious trauma, narcissistic abuse, and cult involvement. Nikki is a co-host of the podcast “Surviving the Black Church” where she and her co-hosts delve into conversations regarding religious trauma in the Black Church. She is also the co-founder of The Black Religious Trauma Recovery Network and she sits on the board of directors for Tears of Eden, a non-profit organization that supports survivors who have experienced abuse in the evangelical community. nikkigspeaks.com | @nikki_g_speaks

May 8, 2024

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