DD#1 – To Name or Not To Name? – Part 1

As a follow-up to the 'cult'ure series rollout, Candice & Tracy sit down for the first in a series of bonus episodes called 'Deconstructing Dogma' where we're sorting out the helpful from the well-that's-royally-f'ed-up bits of new age wellness doctrine. 🙃🙂In this Part 1 of two-part convo, they discuss their decision to use aliases while telling their stories... and discuss how this choice continues to evolve. How do indoctrinating...


Access the opening chapter of the 7 Keys of Courageous Self-Expression. This pdf excerpt pulls from TDP Episode #1 and lays the foundation for the content that follows.What is the deeper pulse exactly? Why is it important? Candice provides a brief history of her path as a life coach and how it is she uncovered the practical tools she plans to share in upcoming chapters.ACCESS pdf download via the link below.✨