Ep.46 – Patreon Bonus | Deconstructing Dogma: ‘Drama’ & Disobedience

Surprise! This week’s Patreon bonus episode is dropping here, too! It’s a sample from the Deconstructing Dogma series that’s been rolling out over on Patreon. We’re sharing it publicly because this chat is timely; right on the heels of a pivotal convo with Yamuna Benedict – where so many of the Org’s unspoken rules of engagement were broken (sorry, not sorry). Tracy & Candice unpack three major no-no’s at the Org – gossiping, complaining, and ‘creating drama.’ They discuss how often helpful signposts for self-awareness were misunderstood and misused, often resulting in silence and complacency. Tracy shares how hypervigilance around self-expression is antithetical to ‘see something, say something’ reminders that we have a responsible to speak up when something ain’t right. Candice speaks to the importance of nervous system co-regulation and points toward a painful truth; that social guidelines are too often about reinforcing a ‘cult’ure of compliance, obedience, and top-down whitewashed supremacy. Tracy does her best to shed the stigma when it comes to the ‘work-arounds’ we employ to forge connection, and Candice attempts to normalize feelings of guilt or shame that some folks might feel even listening to the podcast. The episode wraps with a critical examination of purity ‘cult’ure and what an ongoing rejection of ‘drama’ really means… and why the cost is just too damn high.

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January 20, 2023

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