Ep.45 – Behind The Curtain: CryDay, Chaos, & Disorganized Attachment | Yamuna Benedict – Part 2

Yamuna Benedict is back to share Part 2 of her story. Tracy offers a telling reflection to kick things off regarding how Yamuna’s Krishna-cult conditioning may have contributed to long hours at ‘the Org.’ Yamuna describes the demanding and chaotic work environment, as well as some disturbing details regarding the Org’s discriminatory hiring practices, chronic gaslighting, and overt body shaming. She shares candidly about fielding ongoing sexual harassment claims and explains why she chose not to support a harassment lawsuit against the company early on. Yamuna describes how her codependent connection to the Org’s CEO mimicked her early-in-life relationship with her father, which may explain why she continually shielded him, and the Org’s founder, from accountability. She talks candidly about keeping up appearances in order to make sure that no one could see ‘behind the curtain.’ Candice asks for the backstory surrounding the infamous bathing suit exercise that Tracy described in Ep.34, and the three speak about just how often abuse of power was reframed as an exercise in psychospiritual endurance. Finally, after eight years of silence, Yamuna shares the details around her sudden and painful termination from the Org, the devastation she experienced, as well as how she was regarded by those still ‘in.’ Reflection on the aftermath leads into a fiery discussion about whether or not the ‘the moves’ explored at the Org are proprietary (spoiler: they’re not), and Candice shares why she believes that lifetime membership fees – for any reason – are culty AF. Tracy reveals what her own research has taught her about susceptibility to cult dynamics, and then the episode wraps when Yamuna shares what she’s doing to heal and move her life forward. This episode is jam-packed and it offers a (deep) breath of fresh air for anyone previously or currently involved with ‘the Org’ or any other new age wellness cult.

[CW:  This episode may be triggering to current or former Org members, or anyone who has experienced high demand groups, sexual and/or workplace harassment, or emotionally-coercive relationships. Please listen with care.]

January 18, 2023

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