Ep.73 – P.S. Frenemies, Spirit Barbie, Law of Attraction, Intimacy vs. Intensity, & ‘Org’ Extra | Special Guests

The ‘cult’ure series is scheduled to wrap next week. In the meantime, here’s another Patreon Sampler & sneak peek at the Deconstructing Dogma bonus series that will be streaming through the new year over on Patreon. There are currently 40+ bonus episodes available to patrons of the pod, and this sampler features some of our favorite moments from recent releases.

In this Patreon Sampler, you’ll hear excerpts from:

  • Frenemies: The Not-So-Fringe Reality, where Candice & Tracy unpack how top-down power dynamics have seemingly spread into ‘Org’ communities worldwide.
  • Spirit Barbie: The Performance of Wellness – a one-hour deconstruction of the how we are socially conditioned to present ourselves in the world of wellness; ie. ‘high talk’, dieting, and detox culture.
  • Maria Skinner once again joins Candice & Tracy, this time to take a critical look at The Law of Attraction. We trade personal stories and talk ‘manifestation’, channeling, and mindset vs. magical thinking. 
  • Intimacy vs. Intensity -Candice shares about the helpful advice she once received from a therapist who was well-versed in relational dynamics at ‘the Org.’ She & Tracy unpack it a bit, then chat about the forced intimacy that is so often created in wellness training environments.
  • Adi Goren returns for a bonus convo, this time to to deconstruct The Economy of ‘the Org.’ Adi invites us to examine how the business model of the company is a feudal system where the many work in service to those at the top; then we talk free labor and the challenges of moving on after leaving.

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November 15, 2023

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