Having Rights vs. Doing Right

[A Social Media Open Letter to ‘Org’ leadership & allies]

If you’ve been listening to the pod recently, you know that I’ve made the choice to shift away from featuring stories about ‘the Org’ on the main feed (really hoping it will stick). There’s now a literal digital library of evergreen episodes – between the main feed and Patreon – that all focus on the mind-body fitness brand / cult-fitness movement that I was once a part of. And frankly, there are many other topics that I’ve been itchin’ to explore on the pod… we’ll be heading there next week.

AND YET, here I am writing an open letter to Org folks.

Specifically to those who’ve been posting brand-captioned photos and videos featuring folks who’ve left (or were actively pushed out) of the practice with what, at times appears to be an emphasis on those who’ve been actively speaking out about the harm they experienced while affiliated.

On behalf of many of these folks… please stop.

I’ll be very generous and assume that the intention isn’t hurtful. It is, nevertheless, insensitive; and it underscores so much of what I’ve/we’ve been saying about the Org’s tone-deaf ‘cult’ure, flying monkey antics, AND the lack of humility and accountability that ripples through the ranks.

Yes, most if not all of us signed media releases saying that you could use our images for marketing purposes indefinitely. But you have four decades of images/videos to choose from… so it’s hard not to see your choice to feature TDP guests as pouring salt on the wounds of folks who’ve made it clear they have no interest in ever-again being affiliated with the brand.

Your energy would be better spent listening to the stories of those who’ve left, taking notes in earnest, learning from your mistakes.

Why is the podcast content resonating with so many that were once loyal to the practice?

Why is it that folks are leaving? speaking out? cutting ties?

This isn’t tit-for-tat digital warfare.
It’s an opportunity to do better.

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