Coming Full Circle

We planned our trip to Boulder six months ago having no idea how perfectly timed it would be. It’s surreal being here, especially on the other side of sharing my ‘cult’ure journey publicly for the first time – a bittersweet fustercluck that began within a three mile radius of where I sit right now, typing these words.

The studio where I danced and sweat six days a week… the no-longer-a-dojo where I first learned to meditate… the sushi restaurant where I worked double shifts to fund my mind-body fitness training.

My dear friend Elizabeth got me the job there (she’s the one with the piercing green eyes). It was so healing to come full circle and walk the trails of Chautauqua with her. After two decades, we spoke about those years openly. My podcast helped her to understand ‘where I went’ when I became indoctrinated and blew up the only life I knew. I’m so grateful that our friendship has been able to endure so many twists and turns.

And then there’s Troy, who was a soul mate at the time. We have a shared history, former partners we learned to teach alongside one another in those early daze. Then we moved to Orange County where we’d eventually leave one cult in favor of the Org, whose culty flavor was a bit more subdued (at least initially). This week we took a couple of long hikes together. It was a gift to remember and reminisce and fyi, Troy is still able to make me laugh until I cry.

I have so many memories in this small city, and the best part is… on the other side of sharing this latest series, I no longer have regrets. Wellness culture grew me up… up, up, and away from myself. So much of what I learned saved me, until it forced me to save myself. Listen to Ep.33 if all that is lost on you. Either way, it feels so damn good to be back home (in more ways than one).

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