Tomorrow – the ‘cult’ure series launch

The wait is finally over. This is me doing a final pass on the first episode in a new series that rolls out tonight at midnight. 😬🙌🏽

I’ll be deep breathing for this entire series, because it helps AND because it kinda-sorta fits the theme. We’re gonna unpack what puts the ‘cult’ in culture (yeah, I said it) and how&why it is we sometimes lose ourselves in our relationships, workplaces, and spiritual communities. I’ll be sharing stories about my personal experience in more than one ‘culty’ environment, and I’ll reveal the language that researchers have given to interpersonal dynamics that sometimes get us mired & stuck in shared identities.

I’m feeling super ’scited about this series… (that’s scared + excited, thank you Glennon & Abby)… AND I’m also getting a full body hell-to-the-yes so here goes!

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