Ep.31 – Freedom With: Codependency & The Sovereign Self | Kim Dawson

Candice is wrapping up the spring season with a special guest and dear friend, Kim Dawson. Kim candidly shares her personal story and the pivotal moment when her dream of becoming a prima ballerina were shattered due to an ‘emotional injury’ that would linger for decades. She talks about what it was like working in Silicon Valley back in the 80s when blatant misogyny went unchecked and how resentment around her early-life successes eventually led her to make self-sabotaging choices in her professional life. Candice shares how she & Kim met, and they speak honestly about what it was like to work for a personal growth organization where self-sacrifice and codependency were the norms. Candice tells you about the teaching colleague who woke her ass up by setting an example of sovereignty that rocked her world wide-open and why. Kim gives you a taste of her work, leading Candice in an exercise that demonstrates how often what we see in others is what we most need to recognize within ourselves. Sovereignty is defined and discussed, as well as how the shift from ‘freedom-from’ to ‘freedom-with’ can help us to reinvent our relationship to the world around us. The episode wraps with a very intimate moment when Kim shares about the recent passing of her mother and how she is re-authoring her life anew.

Kimberly Dawson is the founder of REVOLUTION Business & Life Design. She co-conspires with creative purpose seekers and changemakers to bring their love to business and life. Kim was a strategic innovator in marketing, sales and operations roles with ground-breaking businesses and organizations primarily in the Silicon Valley and Europe. She invested in her own transformative life journey and saw an opportunity to shift from empowering companies and organizations to engaging deeply with individuals. Kimberly earned a bachelor’s degree in communication design with a minor in art and business from Chico State University (summa cum laude). Kimberly’s work has become a powerful platform for designing innovative businesses, co-operating in healthy relationships, and helping people lead lives they most desire.  Web: revolutionbizdesign.com | IG: @thepointofyou

May 11, 2022

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