Ep.4 – For The Love of Fear | 7keys: Humility – Part 1

Humility is the second key of courageous self-expression. It requires courage to turn unflinchingly toward the honest anxiety at the center of our lives. In this episode, Candice shares her first memory as a child and how being raised in a protestant/atheist home shaped her emotional landscapes and world view. She offers a peek into her two decade struggle with a panic disorder and how, to her eventual and bittersweet relief, it forced her to befriend her fear and forge an alliance with anxiety. Humility, as an expressive force, isn’t about meekness or needs subjugation. On the contrary, it is the ability to show up fully – to lean into life as it is and embrace the dark directives that shake us to wake us. Just as we do when we are ‘in love,’ we can find a sacred power in our perpetual dance with fear. But first, we must be willing to  turn and face the vulnerability at the center of our lives.

2:04 – First Memory (story)
6:03 – The waking dream that is this life
7:53 – Defining the 2nd key
8:29 – The Ant Farm (story)
15:04 – Yugen & the Mystery of life
17:12 – Normalizing fear
25:36 – Imagining life post-Covid

April 19, 2021

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