Ep.5 – Come (& Go) As You Are | 7keys: Humility -Part 2

In this episode, Candice shares more personal stories that inform further exploration of the second key of courageous self-expression – humility. She explores Ernest Becker’s and his ground-breaking work that offers a staggering look at how unconscious denial of mortality keeps us stuck and unavailable to live life fully. Candice spends the second half of the episode detailing 5 Tenets of Humility; five practices to to help you learn & grow through the school of anxiety and know the peacefulness that comes from accepting yourself & your full humanity.

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0:32 – My Kitten Khaleesi
1:49 – Anxiety & The Denial of Death
4:38 – Moxie in Maui (story)
11:22 – Fear is elastic
13:31 – 5 Tenets of Humility
25:20 – Link to free workbook

April 27, 2021

Referenced in this episode:

  • The Denial of Death, by Ernest Becker
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