Ep.3 – Making Peace With Power | 7keys: Authority – Part 2

Candice builds upon our foundational understanding of the first key of courageous self-expression: authority — our ability to live and express our lives as we see fit. This episode is a deep dive into personal power. What is it? And why do those of us who are more empathically wired so often shy away from self-expressing at full potential?

You’ve likely heard a lot of talk about the higher self, but what do you know about the deeper self? Do you know how to tap into it?… and does it really mean kicking the ego to the curb? (spoiler: uh uh, no ma’am.). And finally, we explore numinosity; the extraordinary experience of soulular guidance that will at times summon us to walk through fire in order to grow and become. 

3:11 – Why Wonder Woman isn’t all that
6:40 – Inviting in a new paradigm of power
8:59 – Yeon Dahn Practice (story)
13:43 – Finding The Deeper Self
19:34 – Redefining personal power
21:56 – The ego is not your enemy
24:47 – Numinosity & the divine summons
26:57 – Say yes to authentic suffering
31:21 – Keep your eyes on your own paper

March 21, 2021

References for this episode:

  • Finding Meaning In The Second Half of Life, by James Hollis
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