Ep. 1 – Welcome to The Deeper Pulse

Welcome to the introductory episode of The Deeper Pulse. Candice shares a personal story from her early adulthood and then offers an expansive definition of courageous self-expression. What is the deeper pulse exactly? And why is it so important? We will discuss how (and why) it’s not always enough to respond to life’s horizontal narrative; and why it is essential to tend to our ‘verticality’ in order to express what is most alive in our bodies, hearts, and minds. Candice provides a brief history of her path as a life coach and how it is she uncovered the practical tools she plans to share with you in upcoming episodes. 

1:42 – Taking Up Space (story)
9:16 – Wanna be great? Be willing to suck first
12:07 – Movement begets clarity, not the other way around.
13:22 – Definitions: expression, impression, depression, oppression
17:09 – Social pressures & the tension of opposites
20:53 – What is the deeper pulse?
25:49 – Why courage is absolutely essential

March 4, 2021

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