Ep.17 – Results Are In | 7keys: Agency – Part 2

Omigoodness, y’all… it appears as though we’ve done it… reached the end of our exploration of the 7 keys of courageous self-expression! In the final episode of the long-running series, we get more practical than ever. Candice has spent nearly two decades consumed by a curiosity: Why is it that some people are so capable of creating meaningful change (aka: movement) in their lives, while others continually struggle to find traction? It was at least in part, her desire to find an answer to this question that led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Social Impact. Now fresh out of grad school, she shares some potent takeaways from her postgraduate research on human agency and social change – weaving together personal stories, data, and scholarly research to help you identify some of the barriers that might be standing between YOU and the changes you seek to make in your own life and in the world at large. This episode is recommended for anyone experiencing feelings of stuckness &/or for those who hope to re-imagine a more pluralistic society; one that prioritizes equity and universal access to the internal and external tools necessary to create meaningful change.

0:42 – Cold Pressor Task (story)
6:43 – Agency Arena #1
9:46 – Mental health
14:54 – Meditation & mindfulness
16:50 – Pea Green Sofa (story)
18:48 – Agency Arena #2
22:36 – Belonging & why it matters so damn much
25:38 – Class Mobility (story)
28:09 – Agency Arena #3
30:28 – The convenience of “self-help”
36:53 – Agency Arena #4
39:23 – Choice & moral intuition

November 10, 2021

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