Ep.12 – Beyond Boundaries | 7keys: Sovereignty – Part 1

What if you can live life authentically while exuding an internal power that liberates you from the weight of other people’s opinions? What if you can cultivate a capacity within you that offers an alternative to cutting ties and erecting walls? What if it’s possible to go beyond boundaries?

In part 1 of the two-part sovereignty series, we explore what it looks like to swap self-protection for embodied self-regard. We get real about anger, conventional gender roles, and what it means to know the sovereign self whose expression doesn’t rely (so much) on external validation. The episode wraps up with a helpful visual meditation and a helpful breakdown of the 4 domains of sovereign self-expression.

 1:18 – Never always
4:38 – How Dare She? (story)
9:29 – What is sovereignty?
11:56 – On boundaries
15:06 – Pixie Cut (story)
20:19 – Gender conditioning & control
23:36 – Sovereignty (a visual)
27:26 – The 4 Domains of Sovereignty

August 31, 2021

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