Ep.6 – Staying Put vs. Staying Stuck | 7keys: Humility – Part 3

In a final wrap-up of a three-part series on humility, Candice shares intimately about her recent choice to sell her home and most of her belongings to travel indefinitely. She speaks about the limits of the rational mind, and invites you to align with your intuition – not as a reflexive mechanism, but as a soulular intelligence that can point you toward meaning-driven choices. You’ll soar with her on a paragliding adventure in Slovenia, and get clear on the difference between staying-put and staying-stuck. Plus, she’ll share a very special surprise; a teaser for next week’s bonus episode.

2:07 – Chasing Shadows (story)
7:54 – Intuition vs. Reason
12:39 – The River of Life
16:43 – Choice & Growth Mindset
19:25 – Staying Put vs. Staying Stuck
19:59 – Scrambling Toward The Edge (story)
30:55 – Hesitation & Humility

May 5, 2021

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