Ep.7 – The Growth Spiral | 7keys extra

Let’s talk change. Braving uncertainty requires a higher vantage point and in this episode, Candice introduces you to a helpful visual model she developed over the course of her many years working as a life coach. The Growth Spiral is a theoretical model detailing the six stages of change. It is a tool of self-awareness that supports us as let go of what no longer serves us and risk a reach into the great unknown. If you’re facing a transition in your life (be it big or small), this episode and its accompanying download is made for you. 

This BONUS DOWNLOAD is no longer available.

0:35 – My First Tattoo (story)
4:21 – Finding Grace through Change
6:13 – Beware of Magical Thinking
9:33 – Vertical Development
11:45 – The Model’s Origin
15:27 – What Is The Growth Spiral?
17:32 – Fears: My Top 3 List
22:38 – Access to the Free E-Course

May 18, 2021

Referenced in this episode:

  • Integral Theory, by Ken Wilber
  • The Growth Spiral, by Candice Schutter
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