Ep.64 – P.S.Survivor Shame, Spirituality, & Moving on After ‘the Org’ | Deconstructing Dogma w/ Special Guests

Here’s another sneak peek at what’s been happening over on Patreon in the ongoing deconstructing dogma series. Every week, Candice sits down with friends and former colleagues to critically examine undue influence and culty indoctrination in the wellness world, and there are now 30+ bonus episodes available to all patrons of the pod. This episode features some of the best moments from recent releases. 

Excerpts include: 

  • Sample cuts from a recent solo episode with Candice where she shares a bit about a recent surge in listenership and all the feels it’s bringing up for her & others over in the private After The Org recovery community. Inspired by the work of Matthew Remski, she speaks about survivor shame and also why so many folks double down in defense of the practice. 
  • Snippets from a two-part convo with former Org trainer, Dr. Barb Wesson, who joins Tracy & Candice to deconstruct spirituality – sans all the cultiness. How do we recover a sense of meaning in the aftermath of all that dogma? 
  • Excerpts from a timely convo with veteran fitness pro, Fiona Winter, who joins Candice & Tracy from Wales to discuss why she recently decided to let her Org license lapse – after two decades. Fiona also shares how she’s incorporating greater consent & inclusivity into her teaching practice.
  • The episode wraps with a sample of a long-form interview with Valerie Branch, who worked as a frontline receptionist at ‘the Org’ back in the early aughts. She & Candice trade stories about the years they spent working together at Org HQ, and Valerie delivers some welcome hindsight wisdom to those just stepping out.

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August 16, 2023

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