Ep.49 – Reimagining Leadership: Creativity & Anti-Cult Activism | Gerette & Lisa – Part 2

Candice returns with the second half of her convo with new friends of the podcast and co-founders of the #igotout movement, Lisa & Gerette. If you missed part one, circle back because the conversation picks up where it left off. Gerette shares what a relief it is ‘being human’ after 18 years spent striving to perfect herself in a therapy-based cult. Lisa acknowledges activists who are blowing the whistle on her very first guru, who has since rebranded himself. Candice wonders aloud at how so many wellness influencers rely on spiritual lineages that reinforce oppressive ideologies, referencing her own recently discovered blindspots. Gerette inspires a discussion about healthy leadership – what is it and how do we create it? Then Lisa emphasizes the importance of deconstructing hierarchies, sharing personally about the learning curve she has faced as the #igotout content curator. She reads aloud from Geoffrey Wallace’s book – A Voice From Inside – which inspires a lively dialogue about the power of creativity and critical thinking. Candice shares how she was discouraged from asking questions in new age wellness circles, and Gerette voices an encouraging open-invitation to us all. The three discuss why collaboration and organic growth is so critical to the reinvention of leadership; then, Lisa speaks in depth about anonymous activism, providing a helpful template for easing our way into cult recovery spaces. The episode wraps with a peek into the collaborative future of the igotout movement.

Gerette & Lisa are co-founders of igotout.org, which serves as a platform for the voices of the isolated, silenced, and invisible…and as a hub and amplifier for ex-cult related advocacy. The hashtag, #igotout, connects survivors of all kinds of power-over abuse and creates a web of support and access to resources for healing and community. 

March 8, 2023

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