Ep.78 – P.S. Paper Tigers, Embodied Activism, Spiritual Gaslighting, & A Whistleblower ‘Reality’ Check | Special Guests

Welcome to another Patreon Sampler. Over a dozen conversations have dropped while Candice has been on break from the main feed (that’s here), and there are currently 60+ ‘cult’ure series related bonus episodes now streaming over on Patreon. Episode #78 features some of the best moments from recent releases.

On activism, diet ‘cult’ure, & self-care >>

Aimee Van Ausdall shares about her very-public exit from ‘the Org’, how she’s been standing up to bullies her whole life, and a tough-love reality check for those still straddling. Also, her plus-sized perspective on recent diet ‘cult’ure convos.

Dr. Melissa Durfey joins Candice to share about firsthand experience with medical fat-phobia, how intuitive wellness saved her life, and why self-care is so important. Sara Avery speaks candidly about growing up fat, her commitment to volunteer activism, and what ‘allyship’ really means to her. 

And on what it takes to call out legacies of abuse >>

Noa Kadman shares how she spent years devoted to a yoga-inspired dance modality that was created by two former ‘Org’ trainers; only to suffer moral injury and betrayal.

Candice shares about recent pushback to this here pod, how Naomi Klein’s book Doppelganger: A Trip into the Mirror World is helping her to understand the polarizing times we’re living in, and where the ‘cult’ure series is headed next.

April 10, 2024

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