Ep.84 – Q Her A: The ‘Cult’ure Series Finale

Right around the time Candice was puzzling over how to wrap the ‘cult’ure series, regular contributor Tracy Stamper reached out to ask: Hey, Can I Q Her A? The result is the series finale where Candice responds to a long list of listener questions like: What’s it been like carrying on in the face of backlash? How has this project been impactful on a personal level? Were there any unexpected surprises? And what’s next? Also: Tracy offers up a somewhat surprising personal revelation. Candice speaks to the personal code of ethics she developed while producing this work. They speak candidly about the appeal of high-arousal states (vs. the maybe-middle ground), then Tracy asks Candice if she’s willing to predict what might happen next at ‘the Org.’ Recovery from reflexive people-pleasing is discussed, which leads Candice to an ah-hah around the word “spiritual” and why it’s so over-used. When asked about leadership, she gets fired up around outdated definitions and shares why she’s made such an effort to ensure the series *not* become another cult-personality led movement. Plus, many other A’s to your Q’s! And be sure to listen to the end; Tracy’s final question goes somewhere unexpected and speaks to the very heart of this work.

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June 19, 2024

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