Little Self

Today is typically podcast rollout day, but I’m on a break! In part because I have another big project that requires my attention, but also because… I made a promise to myself 3 years ago, that when I catch myself getting lost in the hustle, I will no longer power forward. I’m gonna press pause & regroup. Even if it means letting people down, risking momentum and engagement and all the capitalist other-things that pretend to make the world go around. I’m stopping whenever I start to feel anxious and frantic about the thing that I’m making. Of course, being able to pause is very much a privilege, that’s a fact – and it’s not lost on me. That said, I make my money other ways & do everything I can to make sure I can create content for free for two reasons: because making meaning out of the messes in my life keeps me sane AND because, when it comes to self-expression, I don’t want to owe anything to anyone. Sounds simple on the surface, but it ain’t easy. I sometimes get a little lost in the whole need-to-prove-my-worth song & dance. But nowadays when that happens… I grab my Little Self by the hand & say… come on, sugar. Let’s take a break for awhile & come back to this when we’ve landed back in that place where we’ve got nuthin’ to prove. So that’s what’s happening here. Maybe I’m the only one who struggles with this, but I’m gonna drop this here just in case not. xo

P.S. This is my morning happy place face.

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