Choc Pecan Pie

Yesterday I made chocolate pecan pie. Because it’s my step-mama’s killer recipe & it’s freakin’ delicious. And also because it’s January, and I wanted to drown out the noise of diet ‘cult’ure.

Tomorrow I’ll be dropping an episode on the main feed of the pod on this very topic.

‘Diet’ may not be a word you resonate with. But if you’re anything like me you’ve detoxed and purified… fasted and/or logged your meals… celebrated losing x-number of pounds through restrictive eating (eh-hem, I mean ‘cleansing’) only to gain all the weight and then some back a few months/years later. You may even be doing some or all of the above right now. And if so, I feel you.

A few weeks ago, I downloaded a new health tracking app, and I was (once again) concocting a plan to lose ‘extra’ weight, to cut out this&that, to defy the nature of my rapidly-changing hormonal body. And then, I sat down to record the conversation that’s dropping tomorrow. I soon after trashed the app and instead went shopping for pants that fit me.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with reading product labels and making informed choices. However, when we look critically at diet culture (and its origins) we find… black&white thinking, misinformation, implicit bias, whitewashed sensibilities; the same sorts of marginalizing and indoctrinating ideals that define any cult movement.

And since I promised myself I wouldn’t join a cult in 2024 (I’m two days in, so far so good!), I’m saying yes to pie this evening.

I hope you’ll listen in tomorrow!

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